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This is a multifandom blog (although, sometimes, you can't tell ...). I tend to follow talented people, and when they switch fandoms - I just follow them into them. And then I reblog things from fandoms I haven't reblogged things from before. So don't expect things from me!
Also, sometimes I post things that I do. Or write. Or, you know, draw.

you need to stop making movies that are making me feel this way (but not really. no, really, don’t stop).

Batman Begins was awesome, The Prestige gave me angst (but in a good way - like when you’re watching a painting that you like even though you don’t know why, and still there’s something about it that gives you nightmares - you know the feeling, right?), The Dark Knight was just all kinds of awesome in the original sense of the word (not like hotdogs), Inception … I don’t even have words for that movie* - and now I’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises.

I cried. Yup, I did. Cried. I went to see it alone, and sat between a young couple, and two guys, and I cried there at the end. And then again while I watched the credits roll by. Because I was moved by all the people who have been a part of making a movie like this (and tomorrow I have to go back to work, my boring mundane work, and talk to customers about the same things I always talk to customers about … I don’t get to create magic at my job, and I envy everyone who does).

I came out from that movie and looked at the world from a different point of view. Reality seemed so grey, so boring, and for a while there I stayed in the other world that you’d created for us. I often feel this way when walking out from the movies, but this time the feeling lasted longer. Hours, even. Which is … which is kinda like a drug. I love that feeling, but hate it at the same time (because the return to the grey everyday life is inevitable).

Also, mr Nolan, what’s up with you and casting those perfect people? You need to stop doing that as well! (but not really, no)

I have Memento in my DVD shelf … I’m almost afraid to watch it, now. Because I don’t think I can handle another one of your awesome movies right now.

So to conclude this note; I think I hate you a little, mr Nolan. (but not really)


* The first time I watched it, I had two different interpretations for the ending in my head. Then I did some research, and talked to people, and thought it through … so the next time I watched it, there were seven different interpretations for the ending buzzing around in my head. To this day, I still can’t decide on which one I like the best.

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