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This is a multifandom blog (although, sometimes, you can't tell ...). I tend to follow talented people, and when they switch fandoms - I just follow them into them. And then I reblog things from fandoms I haven't reblogged things from before. So don't expect things from me!
Also, sometimes I post things that I do. Or write. Or, you know, draw.
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A red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, covered in sugar paste.

My very first try with sugar paste! And my first try to make a rounded cake. And my first try to make a red velvet cake. Hm, lots of firsts, actually …

To celebrate the fact that I’ll see The Avengers tonight, I bought a cake for the guys at work. This cake. You should have heard the conversation when I tried to explain to the girl in the bakery what I wanted on the cake.

"A helmet, with horns on it … no, not devil horns, just … you know … horns. Horns! Big ones. And a kinda triangle-shaped thing in the front and … oh just give me a pen and paper!”

It turned out … well. It turned out.

I don’t think anyone at work really understood this cake. So naturally, I explained it to them. I like to think that by eating it, they agree with the text on it …

Also, not to worry, I may see the movie in a few hours (and I’m freaking out on the inside), but there will be no spoilers from me.